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If you want the best care for your pet while out of town, look no more! Here at Sycamore, we can provide that care, as these are species we work with every day. We provide an environment that will have minimal stress for your pets by housing them in separate areas from any animal that might be stressful for them. Your rabbit will not be housed near dogs or cats. Your birds will be in a separate room all to themselves. They won’t even share space with other birds!


We require all exotic pets to be current on their annual exams, and ferrets are required to be vaccinated against rabies and distemper. Please call to discuss the details of your pets’ needs.


If you would like to fill out your boarding form in advance, you may access it here.


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Camp Sycamore is for the birds....
 Birds do not share a room with birds from another flock. Gadget, an Umbrella cockatoo, enjoys camp time with his Alexandrine buddies Bailey and Jazz!     Bailey has some one-on-one time with Margaret.  
We provide the cages and the food, but recommend owners bring their own toys.
and the mammals....
 Oliver Decker loves his salad breakfast bowl, while Lilly Rose prefers to get her greens straight from the source!